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Thermal springs

Thermal springs

The area has more than 80 springs with various temperatures ranging from 34 to 90 degrees Celsius, all rich in several minerals and micro-elements. 

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Natural pools

The mineral thermal springs of Aidipsos have healing properties and they have been mentioned in scripts of Plutarch, Aristotle and Strabon, as the “Herculian Thermae”. According to an ancient Greek myth, goddess Athena asked her brother Hephaestus to create the Aidipsos hot springs so that her favored hero Hercules could rest after each of his labours. 


The thermal spring, with its superheated waters, is located just 500 meters from the port of Edipsos and occupies an area of 23,500 square meters. The old hydrotherapy center “Agioi Anargyroi” built before 1950 has been characterized as a listed monument and remains in the area but has given way to a new, model hydrotherapy center that includes:

  • 84 Hydro-massage baths (regular baths, special treatment baths, baths for extremities, Scottish shower)

  • 10 whirlpool baths

  • An outdoor swimming pool with a capacity of 120 people that operates with a mixture of thermal and seawater and serves 15,500 visitors per year

  • 2 indoor swimming pools with a capacity of 8 and 10 people


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